Key Points to Bear in Mind While Applying for a USA Study Visa

Receiving a USA study visa is an incredible feeling as you will get an opportunity to study with experts and receive world-class knowledge. Everybody knows the fact that the USA is continuously advancing in the field of technology and educational system. Completing your educational course in such a country will lead to an enhanced personality and for sure, the moments that you will be spending in the country will become a wonderful period of time in your life. Well, for sure, the period is also challenging but you will still cherish every moment that you have spent in the country. 

There is no denying the fact that receiving a visa to the USA could be a rigorous process as a single mistake can lead to visa rejection. The article will tell you the key points that you have to bear in mind while applying for a USA study visa application process. For sure, the article will try its best to boost your knowledge of the process of receiving a study visa to the USA. 

If you are interested in receiving a study visa to the USA then, you must read this article to become aware of some important terms and instructions that are going to matter a lot to you. Don’t let a single mistake stop you from travelling to the USA. 

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Key points to bear in mind while applying for a USA study visa:

The following pointer will make you aware of the important key points, instructions, and terms that hold a huge significance during the USA study visa application process. Read them all carefully to keep your visa application process smooth. 

I-20 form

When you apply for admission to a SEVP-approved school, you will receive an I-20 form and register with SEVIS. You have to handle the I-20 form carefully because you need to show this to visa counselors at the embassy, and interviewer, and when you reach the USA. Yes,  you have to bear in mind that your visa is not a guarantee for your stay in the USA. when you reach the airport, you will have to show your I-20 form along with other documents to CBP officials. Hence, make sure to handle your I-20 form carefully as this is the document that will play a huge importance in your travel to the USA.

The right course 

Remember that during the interview, you will have to carry your educational certificates along with you so that the interviewer can go through them to check if your qualification matches the requirements to pursue the course. This implies that he can reject your visa if the course that you are going to pursue abroad has any mismatch with your educational background. 


Make sure to note that your passport is going to stay valid for another six months beyond the duration of your course. Please take the necessary measures to abide by the instructions that we have mentioned in the pointer. 


When choosing the university, make sure to go ahead with the one that is quite popular for its education quality and is not currently engaged in any sort of protests from international students. 


Note that the location of your interview will also have an impact on the chances of your visa approval. Hence, try to schedule your interview appointment in a location accordingly. 

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These are the top key points and terms that you have to bear in mind when applying for a USA study visa application process. Also, be careful when it comes to receiving professional help as sometimes the wrong decisions taken by them can hamper the visa application process.

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