A Guide to Choosing and Decorating Simple Wedding Cakes

Weddings have been commemorated with a special cake ever since the ancient Romans concluded wedding rites by smashing a cake of wheat or barley over the bride’s head as a sign of good fortune. Traditions have changed over the past 150 years and across the eras. But with the wide variety of forms and hues that today’s cakes come in, choosing one for your wedding may be a difficult but enjoyable endeavor. Due to the abundance of alternatives you have online, selecting a wedding cake might be a bit challenging. 

Let’s have a party and eat cake! That is as fundamental as we can go in terms of the significance of having a just dessert to commemorate your wedding ceremony. The cake is now a part of everyone’s special day, whether it be at the engagement, the reception, or right after your Hindu marriage vows. It can range from a simple wedding cake to a three-tier, floral extravaganza with His and Her toppers.

Of course, you want to ensure that the wedding cake will be ideal, by whatever standards “perfect” may be to you. Choosing the ideal wedding cake near me to make your event special may be fairly daunting with the millions of wedding cake photographs available for inspiration on online cake delivery providers.

Here is a list of the processes we will go through in this post to assist you in determining the type of wedding cake you want. People, start taking notes.

Imagine your cake

Your wedding cake is not sliced into simple, symbolic pieces. It should be selected based on the number of guests and the location. A modest wedding cake just won’t do if you’re planning a large wedding with plenty of guests. You should often start with a minimum of a 2 kg cake and then consider a bigger scale — at least one piece per person. With your baker, go through your guest count and flavor preferences, and make sure all the technicalities are covered.

Establish a budget for it

A wedding cake is an expensive luxury element to your wedding day and is not a simple dish to make. Therefore, be careful to conduct thorough market research before deciding on a baker and a cake. Check costs online and with others you know. Check to see whether you’re receiving a fair deal because you’ll want to avoid overspending, so it’s crucial. Also, keep in mind that the price will increase the more personalization you want. To feed your guests and reduce the cost of your wedding cake, you may alternatively go for a smaller cake with individual extras like cupcakes.

Consider the background

A wedding cake has a huge backdrop that extends beyond the cake table and even the wedding décor. Everything about the cake, including its design and presentation, should complement the rest of the setting. It should complement your attire, your party’s atmosphere and theme, as well as your décor. You want your cake to blend in naturally rather than painfully stick out.

For instance, the cake’s purple, flowery decorations complemented the wedding’s purple color scheme and the bridesmaids’.

Select the Icing

The next step is to choose the frosting, if any, for your wedding cake after you have decided on its shape. The top five icings are as follows:


Flavorings may readily be added to buttercream, which is created from butter and sugar. It may be spread evenly or piped in latticework, basket weaving, or other designs since it is rich, silky, and stays soft. It may also be used as a filler and to make embellishments such as swags and rosettes. It’s not a suitable option for outdoor weddings because it melts in intense heat or humidity.


Sugar, corn syrup, and gelatin are combined to make fondant, which is rolled out and shaped over the cake. Its spotless, porcelain-like quality makes it the most preferred covering for wedding cakes. It is wonderful for draping and can be readily shaped, but it does not respond well to flavorings. Because of this, most bakers will cover the cake in buttercream before decorating it with fondant.


Ganache is a chocolate and cream confection that tastes as good as it sounds. For a smooth, glossy finish, ganache is often poured over the cake, although it can also be whipped and used like buttercream. It cannot be tinted like other icings and will melt in the sun.

No icing whatsoever 

When the cake is adorned with fresh fruit and flowers, it follows a developing trend for simple wedding cakes and is both simple and lovely. However, a naked cake won’t be shielded from the effects of air or air conditioning, so if it’s kept out for too long before serving, it’s more likely to dry out.

Choose the Flavor

This necessitates a tasting, during which the baker will present you with a plate of cake and filling samples to sample. Check prior to time about alternatives if you have something specific on your list so you can add to it. Cakes for weddings used to be overwhelmingly vanilla flavor, although this is no elongate the case. You may select a different flavor, color, and frosting for each tier if you so like. Of course, the appearance of your cake matters, but just as with humans, it’s the inside that matters!

Last Words 

So there you have it—our comprehensive, step-by-step guide to choosing the ideal wedding cake. We want to congratulate everyone who is engaged in luck as they plan their special day and wish you both the finest possible union!

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