Tips to Boost up Reading Band Score in IELTS 

A number of students prefer to perform IELTS tests to check their English language proficiency instead of PTE and TOEFL. But achieving a high band score on the IELTS test is not easy for those who are weak in English. Despite the difficulty level of IELTS, each module majority of students assert that the reading module is the toughest among all.  As reading module required full concentration and effective management to get a high band.

This article articulates some incredible tips which will improve your reading score. And students who struggle with the reading module must implement these tips to get desirable band scores. 

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Tips to boost up Reading Band Score in IELTS 


In the reading module, you have a limited time to solve 40 questions. If you read slowly and pay attention to each paragraph you may not complete your 40 questions. So try to skim the passage. The approach allows you to read passages quickly with the help of keywords and quick eye movements. To get an idea about the topic read the first passage carefully. Pay close attention to the first few lines of each paragraph to get the main idea. Reading the last paragraph attentively because it usually contains the summary.


Rapid reading is called scanning, and it is done to locate specific data. Such as dates, names, figures, and unfamiliar phrases will frequently be part of the questions. Make sure to always underline keywords and figures when you are scanning. Instead of reading the entire sentence keep the focus on details such as names, dates, figures, statistics, etc. in order to find answers quickly choose the keyword from the question and then search the text for it and any possible synonyms. By doing this you can get answers more quickly. You cannot waste much time because you have to solve 3 passages in 60 minutes and solve 40 questions.

Focus on concepts instead of  words

Read and rephrase it in your own words for better understanding. This will aid you to understand the main idea rather than the words in fonts of you. This technique will surely work because the solution you seek has undoubtedly also been rephrased.

Chose suitable strategy for each question type  

You have to solve different question types in the reading module so instead of using the same strategy pick the best strategy for each question type. Only chose the tips which suit you.  As some students find that the ideal approach is to read the questions first, followed by the text. Some prefer totally opposite. Try every approach on several practice exams; the approach that earns you the most points is the winner.

Dont get panic 

If you are struggling to find the answer do not get panic with unfamiliar words. If you are not able to find the familiar word you can rely on the grammar. For example, if the word comes before a noun, it may be describing what this noun is like. For your reading test, keep in mind that you should prepare by learning more words and improving your comprehension of prefixes and suffixes.

Do not leave any questions unanswered 

If your timing is running and you are not able to find all the answers in this kind of situation make an educated guess and write something with guesswork. Because the wrong answer would not be consequences. You will get zero if you leave the cell blank but what if your luck works and you get one extra mark? It will sweeten your band score. 

You also have to increase your reading speed. So you can manage your time in the examination hall and can solve the all questions.  

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To ace the English reading skills and boost up the reading band score. One must consider the above m, mention tips.

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