Linux Vs Windows VPS Hosting India What’s The Difference?

People many times remain in confusion that whether they should choose Linux or Windows VPS for hosting their website in India. But the question is which one is best according to your business needs. Both of the operating systems have different user interfaces and both offer the best features possible for your server.

In this article, you will come to know the major differences between both servers so that you can understand in detail and choose your preferred VPS hosting in Indiafor your online business.

Let move ahead and first know what are Linux and Windows VPS hosting

Linux VPS Hosting

A Linux VPS hosting is a type of server that is based on the Linux operating system plus it fully relies on the Linux-based open-source database web development platforms and tools.

Linux VPS India server has different operating systems like Debian, CentOS, and Ubuntu.

You can easily choose your favorable operating system to get the best performance.

Windows VPS Hosting India

A Windows VPS server is a kind of Virtual Private server that uses the Windows operating system to run. This operating system allows you to have your private server for better performance.

However, Microsoft has been in the game for many years and has made its goodwill in the market.

Therefore, Let us discuss the main differences between Linux and Windows VPS hosting in India.

Main Differences Between Linux And Windows VPS Hosting

There are many differences between Linux and Windows VPS hosting in India. Below are some of the factors on which we will see which VPS hosting is better according to your requirements.


Linux VPS costs you cheaper than Windows VPS hosting India because Linux is an open source platform and relatively costs you cheaper than Windows VPS hosting in India.

Windows is a proprietary system and is not an open-source OS so it needs a license to run. Therefore, the customer has to pay the licensing fee for using it.

Here Linux wins!


In terms of useability and overall performance Windows VPS hosting in India conquers the Linux OS because in Windows VPS hosting you get more powerful resource availability but at the same time it also requires regular maintenance and higher operating costs with your Windows VPS hosting.

On the other hand, Linux VPS does not need higher resources and also costs you cheaper in terms of maintenance and operating costs.

Control Panel Compatability

In Windows VPS hosting India Plesk is used for server configurations and is also very much user-friendly. On the other Linux VPS hosting uses Cpanel and WHMCS for controlling the server root configurations.


Linux is considered more secure than Windows VPS hosting because it offers editing and security features to the admin only. This ultimately decreases the security risks on the Linux VPS server.

Windows VPS hosting in India is also secure because it also comes with the best security features like DDoS firewall protection.

However, it also depends on the correct security setup for better protection.

Support Facility

Windows VPS hosting is considered more reliable in India because it comes with technical assistance from highly specialized software engineers of Microsoft.

However, Linux VPS hosting comes with an open-source support community and is not much reliable in terms of customer assistance.

So, These were some of the differences that we can see between Linux and Windows VPS hosting.

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Serverwala Cloud Data Center is a renowned VPS hosting provider in the global market. They offer VPS hosting solutions with both Linux and Windows Operating systems. The hosting solution is best for e-commerce shops, software developers, and high-traffic blogging sites. The reason Serverwala’s Windows VPS comes with high-end dedicated resources that deliver unmatched hosting performance.

Key attributes of Serverwala’s Cheap Linux/ Windows offers are:

  1. 99.90% high uptime
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  3. Up to 6 Core high-end CPU
  4. 24×7 Customer services
  5. Ubuntu, Debia and CentOS in Linux OS
  6. Latest Windows VPS
  7. Scalable resources
  8. Up to 20 TB of data transfers

So, these are some of the best features that are offered by Serverwala at a very cheap price.

Final Words

If you have read this article here then you must have come to know the major differences between Linux and Windows VPS hosting in India. Both Operating systems have different user interfaces and features. So, it depends on your business needs which hosting will suit you better in terms of Cost, performance, security features, and maintenance.

Also choosing the right operating system can impact your conversions because a fast work VPS server increases your website’s loading speed and may ultimately reduce the bounce rate. I hope this article has clarified all your doubts between Linux and Windows VPS hosting in India.

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